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Making smart health choices begins with demanding excellence. Therefore only the best raw materials are used as a source for Life Extensions nutritional supplements.

Unique and scientifically validated formulations

Groundbreaking medical research for more than 35 years

Life Extension develops science-based supplements you simply won‘t find anywhere else. Life Extension scientists analyze thousands of scientific studies every week to make sure their health-promoting formulas include the most advanced life-extending ingredients in the world. They also interact with the world's foremost gerontology researchers to obtain inside information about antiaging breakthroughs before these findings are published. The innovative formulas are based on the latest research, but also something more … the passionate belief in a clinically validated, scientific approach to better nutrition.

History of innovation

Many of the strategies Life Extension has recommended are so advanced they're probably 10 to 20 years ahead of the medical mainstream. Life Extension has been at the forefront of groundbreaking medical research for more than 35 years.
Did you know?

  • LE was the first to recommend low-dose aspirin therapy to protect against heart attack.
  • LE was the first to recommend CoQ10 for heart health.
  • LE was the first to recommend omega-3s in fish oil to promote heart health.

Only the best raw materials are the source

We never accept anything less than the absolute best

All sourced raw materials and raw material vendors undergo an extensive qualification process by the highly experienced members of the Product Development, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Purchasing departments at Life Extension.
All raw materials must be approved at multiple steps in the process for each raw material to meet their stringent identity, purity, and potency requirements before material are approved for use. Testing includes, but is not limited to, chemical identification, physical characteristics, potency/strength confirmation, microbial analysis, and other contaminants including heavy metals. If materials do not meet the specifications at any step in the process, they are rejected and returned to the material supplier.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Production

All of the products formulated by Life Extension are produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (or GMP). Their quality control standards have earned GMP registration from the independent organization NSF International. Manufacturing facilities are periodically inspected by either the Food and Drug Administration or the United States Department of Agriculture. In addition, Life Extension performs periodic audits of manufacturers to ensure adherence to all regulatory requirements and consistent product quality.

Finished Product Analysis

Each manufactured lot of finished product is tested using state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure finished product quality, purity, and potency. Physical analysis is performed and active ingredients claimed on the product label are confirmed. Microbiological analysis and heavy metal testing are also completed on every production batch to ensure that all specifications are met. When inspection and testing are performed, Quality Control personnel are authorized to approve or reject the product if the finished product does not meet established quality guidelines at any step in the process. Only if the finished product meets specification is the product released for shipment.

Funding research

Extensive funding of anti-aging and disease research

Life Extension has funded more than $175 million for anti-aging and disease research and continues to fund targeted research into killer diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disorders, immune dysfunction, and neurological deficits. These research projects are made possible with proceeds from the food supplements you buy from us. No other organization on the planet is funding so many diverse research initiatives to enable aging humans to attain long and healthy lifespans...

Clinical Trials

Life Extension Clinical Research, Inc., engages in cutting-edge clinical trials with the goal of extending the healthy human life span and defeating disease. Our clinical research is designed to explore the potential of innovative food supplements, pharmaceuticals, topicals (cosmetic), and medical devices. Studies conducted by Life Extension reported, amongst others, improvements in cognitive performance, sexual health, and antioxidant levels (SOD and catalase) in the body with food supplements.

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